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About Ninja Online

The first Shinobi war game of 2015! 2015's most intense, action-packed Hokage game! The most intense, action-packed Hokage game ever made! Register to receive a free five-star Naruto! If you're looking for a graphically stunning beautiful recreation of the Ninja world, then this is the game for you! Here you can become a Master Ninja, leading your people against the enemy in a gaming experience you won't soon forget! Your choice of over 200 different Shinobi characters! Different Shinobi combinations to unlock special Ninjutsu skills! Become the Shinobi of your dreams today!

The number one Naruto game available for Android and IOS. Do you have what it takes to setup your team in order do defeat enemys in war and battles? Send them on missions and compete in awesome events! Defeat the world boss together with your fellow server members and defend you're country within the borders. Train your ninjas to form a strong team and challenge other players to rank high in the arena. Create you're own akatsuki clan and unlock what is behind those doors to get the rewards. Participate in events to earn extra gold win awesome cards.

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Latest Ninja updates

  • Ninja Online on APK File.

    Hello Ninjas!!!

    As many of you already know Ninja Online is out of the Android PlayStore at the moment.

    If you wish to play or download the newest version you can get the APK here:

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  • Akatsuki Sasuke

  • Dice Tsunade

  • Susa Indra

  • Sasuke & Sakura

  • Namikaze & Kushina


Original Japanese-style graphics make this an unforgettable, immersive Shinobi game! 200 of your favorite Shinobi characters make this an unforgettable, immersive Shinobi game! 150 different types of Ninjutsu and forbidden techniques make for an authentic Ninjutsu battle experience! 400 different skill combinations allow for a highly trained sophisticated repertoire of attacks! Over 800 different character combinations that unlock special attributes - choose wisely and prepare for battle! 100 legendery items of the Shinobi world! Find them first and make your friends jealous! Featuring all 10 Tailed Beasts! Collect all the fragment pieces and call them out!